First and foremost, I am the person to call when you have a marketing or branding challenge and you don't know who to call. I can help you clarify the objectives behind the challenge and to then determine the best approach. If that approach means you simply need to be connected with the right production resource, such as an illustrator or a video producer, I am happy to make the introduction. Conversely, if you need someone to take charge and oversee the entire project from concept to completion, I will be your out-of-house in-house marketing & communications champion.

My clients typically look to me to provide the following types of services:

Brand Development & Engagement

I help business leaders figure out the WHY behind their company and/or product. I then take those insights and develop a clear expression of that WHY through new or refined brand positioning statements, brand usage guidelines, and a wide range of brand identity collateral, such as logos, business cards, product packaging, presentation templates, company website, and employee onboarding materials. I also provide strategies for successfully building engagement with current employees around the new or refined brand essence.

Fifth P Inc. Corporate Re-branding
Fifth P Inc.
Corporate Re-Branding
Rockway Vineyards Corporate Re-branding
Rockway Vineyards
Corporate and Product Re-Branding
RealCup Product Branding for Mother Parker's Coffee & Tea Company
Mother Parkers
New Product Branding

Creative Direction

As a highly experienced and versatile creative director, I bring big ideas and big enthusiasm to every project. I am comfortable working as both a sub-contract for marketing & communications agencies and directly with clients. I am equally effective in developing and presenting concepts to key stakeholders, and in then managing internal or external production teams.

Creative Direction for Live Events
Live Events
Creative Direction for Websites
Creative Direction for Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns


As a copywriter, I help clarify, enliven and deliver a client's key messages across a variety of mediums. I regularly write content for websites, brochures, print and digital advertisements, scripts for videos, speaking notes for executive presentations, and all manner of business proposals. My particular talent is in taking dense or complicated source materials and crafting a more concise and clear presentation of ideas that compel the reader into action.

Copywriting for Salesforce Communications
Salesforce Communications
Copywriting for Websites
Copywriting for Marketing Collateral
Marketing Collateral

Project Management

In addition to providing marketing consultation, creative direction and copywriting services, I regularly support clients in sourcing and managing the production resources for a project. These resources may be leveraged from a client's established supplier network or drawn from my own proven network of top talent. Long-standing production partners of Babblediboo include the technical development gurus at Pause Inc., the video production wizards at Chopper Pictures, and the artful designer Kitty McKechnie.

Audio Production

Every once in a while I get to indulge in my most unquenchable passion: music. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording producer (meet my altar rockstar ego at www.brycethomas.com), I also regularly lend my voiceover talents to client projects. Currently, I am the voice of Precision Nutrition Inc., providing audio readings of their regular podcast articles and daily coaching curriculum lessons.

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