About Bryce Thomas... aka Me

When I think about my unique abilities and the value I bring to my clients and production teams, I think about the old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none"... and that is in fact my mastery. As technology continues to redefine how, where and when we communicate with each other, it is my "jack of all trades" mastery that enables me to take a larger view of every client challenge. I am part business advisor, brand positioning specialist, marketer, creative director, copywriter, designer, programmer, photographer, songwriter, musician, entertainer, and storyteller. I draw on all of these skills to devise the most effective branding, marketing and communications solutions for the objectives at hand, and then bring the resulting solutions to life using an innovative combination of tools, channels and talent.

I can be the glue, the spark and the creative fuel for your next project... find out how

My Expertise

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Big Ideas
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A Knack for Wurds
All-round Rock Star Effervescence

A Bit More About Me

After graduating from the University of Western, Ontario in the mid-1990s with a Honours degree in Fine Arts, I worked as one of the first "New Media" project managers for ICE, a fast-growing, Toronto-based communications & entertainment company. In those early days, I was among a pioneering team that built Netscape 1.0 websites for clients such as The Globe and Mail newspaper, plus interactive CD-ROMs for the educational market. My skill for the written word and in understanding design and programming logic soon led me to become a member of the business development team, as both a writer and associate creative director.

In the year 2000, my wife and I then decided to put everything we owned in storage, get married, and travel the world for two years. Our journey took us from Italy to Greece, to Egypt and Turkey, and finally from England on to New Zealand for a one-year working visa. In New Zealand we lived in a Toyota Liteace minivan, worked as cooks for a traveling reforestion crew, plus did the odd marketing gig, earning enough money to buy two plane tickets to Thailand. We traveled throughout Thailand for three months, during which we completed our PADI Advanced Scuba Diver certification and training as Thai massage instructors (I also wrote my first novel during this time). Afterward, we returned to New Zealand for a bit more of a wander-about, until the pull of the Christmas season and family drew us back home to Canada.

It was back in Canada in 2002 when Babblediboo was born. The post-911 North American business landscape was very different from the one I had left behind in 2000. This new landscape, however, proved to be an advantage for my particular "jack of all trades" mastery. As many companies cut-back on internal marketing teams and budgets, I became a cost-effective, out-of-house in-house creative leader capable of gathering together and guiding all manner of production resources for my clients. Today, I continue to provide that same peace of mind for clients and partners by bringing my unique blend of expertise and effervescence to every marketing and communications challenge.

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